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A Brahmin lady, devotee of Thaikkattappan, used to visit Sri Poornathrayeesa of Thrippunithura regularly. As per the legend, in her old age, when she was unable to visit the temple, the Poornathrayeesa incarnated himself as Vishnu Chaithanya in Thaikkattu Mahadeva temple and offered his blessing to her. There upon as ‘Devaprasna’ (a ritual to find out the will of the deity) was conducted and it was decided that Lord Vishnu to be worshipped with equal importance. Lord Dharma Sastha reached here from elsewhere and Sri Durga devi also being worshipped in a proper manner. Inside the temple round about, both the side of ‘Srikovil'(sanctum sanctorum), Ganapathy and Durga shine with their blessings to the devotees.

As per the direction obtained in ‘Deva Prasna ‘, the ‘Brahmarakshas’ present in the ‘raasi’ of ‘meenam’ was specially invoked and consecrated in a proper manner and is worshipped . The Naga ‘Prathishtha’ situated at the ‘kannimoola ‘ (South west Corner) of the temple courtyard is also consecrated in a proper manner . The ‘Mullackal Bhagavathi’ consecrated near the outer wall of the temple in ‘Kumbha raasi’ is the embodiment of the vigour of ‘Sri Bhadra kali’. In the ancient times, the Thaikkattu Devasom had 35 Acres of land under Thandaper-II ( Revenue record No.) in Edapally South Village but in due course of the time, most of them were lost and at present only temple and its surroundings are belonged to the temple.

The rock edicts found in the temple compound proclaim the ancient history of the temple. The circular ‘Srikovil’ (sanctum Sanctorum) of Sri Mahadeva is a good example of ancient temple architecture. The temple renovation was under taken in 1975 and after the re- consecration and ‘Sudhikalasa’ (purification ceremony), it was decided to celebrate ‘Sivaraathri’ festival with out any hindrance in every year. Since the year 1990, the ‘thaalam’ of ‘Kizhakkum Bhagam’ became a part of temple festival. Along with the Sivarathri festival, ‘Akhanda naama japam ‘ and observance of ‘Ramayana-maasam’ in the Malayalam month of Karkidakam are beneficial to the temple as well as to the whole locality . ‘Ganapathy homam and Bhagavathi Seva’ are conducted through out the month of Karkidakam.

On every ‘pradosha ‘, pradosha pooja and ‘Dhara’ are the main offerings of Mahadeva. The ‘Abhishekam is conducted on the ‘Thiruvathira’ day of ‘Dhanu’ and ‘Rudrabhishekam’ is performed on the day of Sivarathri . The main offering that can be dedicated to Mahadeva are Kadum payasa Nivedyam, Dhara , Udayasthamana pooja, Mrithunjaya pushpanjali’ and elaneer Abhishekam. The self arisen Maheswara is a ‘Kiraatha Moorthy’ who showers blessing to each and every one of his devotees according to their wishes. Many devotees Vouch to the fact that the sight of Thaikkattappan it self is enough to get rid of the undesired lust, fury and fascination of the human mind.

The legend of a Brahmin couple , who longing for a progeny came to the abode of Thaikkattappan and conducted ‘Bhajana’ and were blessed with an off spring too attract many to this temple. The devotees offer Uma Maheswara Pushpanjali and Bhagya Sooktha Pushpanjali to Thaikkattappan for successful marital relations. For fulfillment of various desires and also to get better prosperity, Sahasrabhishekam and Udayastamana pooja are offered.