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Pooja is the core of worshiping God, in a Thaanthric sense. It’s purpose, in essence, is to propitiate the eternal and boundless God in any of it’s manifestations (Siva, Vishnu, Durga etc.) by bringing or invoking one of the desired forms to the Poojakan’s (Poojaari’s) presence, and giving a general royal reception through various oblations and offerings (clothes, decorations, feast etc.), accompanied by chanting of hymns and Manthrams. It is an aspect of Karma Yogam.

1Udayayaasthaman Pooja ₹       30,000
2Oru Divasathe Pooja ₹          1,500
3Oru Nerathe Pooja ₹             600
4Vaahana Pooja ₹             300
5Rahu Pooja ₹             400
6Ayilyam Pooja ₹             120
7Pournami Pooja ₹             100


These are very powerful vedic procedure or ritual and mantra chanting is one of its essential components. The homam is designed to invoke and implore at least one deity to be helpful in restoring health and the environmental balance. In reality, it is the only way to cleanse the body, mind and atman together to ignite soul power. Homams are part of actions to remove your negative karma and co-create your future positive Karma. The priest required particulars like Name, Gothra, star, rasi details for personalising the effect.

1Maha Ganapathy Homam ₹       10,000
2Mrithyunjaya Homam ₹             500
3Ashta Dravya Ganapathy Homam ₹             500
4Ganapathy Homam ₹             130
5Bhagavathi Seva ₹             300
6Karuka Homam ₹             150


Deepam or kodivilakku (lighted Lamp) is offered to Deity for Thejas. There are various forms of Vilakku that can be lighted and offered to God.

1Vilakku ₹                10
2Chuttu Vilakku ₹       10,000
3Ney Vilakku ₹                30
4Pinvilakku ₹                30
5Munvilakku ₹                30
6Ellu Thiri ₹                10
7Neeranjanam ₹                60
8Enna ₹                10