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Naivedyam are the offerings made to God during the Pooja, chanting “Nivedyam samarppayami…”, It is a symbol of our self surrender before God.Nivedyams could be the grains,sweets, milk,curd,ghee,honey,fruits etc.

Ellu Nivedyam ₹             100
Thidapilli Nivedyam ₹                80
Vella Nivedyam ₹                30
Malar Nivedyam ₹                30
Aval Nivedyam ₹                30
Kathli Pazha Nivedyam ₹                50


Rice is believed to be the primary offering to God. It is offered in the form of Paayasams. hand pounded short grain rice,called as Unakkalari,(considered to be the most aristocratic of rice varieties!)is used for preparing temple offerings.

1Pizhinju Payasam ₹             300
2Paal Payasam ₹             150
3Koottu Payasam ₹             150
4Ney Payasam ₹             150
5Padmamittu Rekshasinu  Pal Payasam ₹             150
6Ellu payasam ₹             150
7Kadum Payasam ₹             150


It is believed that the divine chaitanya flows from the deity towards us in a serpentine fashion. Hence offer the namaskaram at about 30 degrees angle and not facing the sanctum sanctorum. It is better to do the namaskaram facing the north.

1Kootta Namaskaram ₹             100
2Pithir Namaskaaram ₹             100
3Aadithya Namaskaram ₹             100
4Namaskaram ₹                60


milk, yogurt, ghee, honey, Panchaamrutam, Sesame oil, rosewater, sandalwood paste may be poured among other offerings depending on the type of abhishekam being performed. This ritual is routinely performed in most Hindu and Jain temples.

1Paal Abhishekam ₹                60
2Shank Abhishekam ₹                80
3Enna Abishekam ₹             100
4Bhasma Abishekam ₹             100
5101 Karikku Abhishekam ₹          5,000
6Karikku Abhishekam 1 Ennam ₹                10
7Kumkuma Abhishekam ₹             100